Thelma :


I was born in the fifth year of last century.

I didn’t last, but in the movies,

I was some pretty young blond,

I made them laugh,

I was so funny,

nobody would have thought of me

as an evil woman, no no no…


My freckles, my sweet eyes and my gentle smile,

that was all fake,

those ancient tyrants taught the best and highwaymen

didn’t have a chance from the moment

I put my hand on their shoulder,

did they beg for mercy? I can’t tell


Filthy and impotent men I met every day,

they had to pay

one day and it was a magnificent and glorious day,

they had to cry, call their mother,

you should have seen those big babies

asking for me to stop, oh please…


The next day I left for work I had no remorse.

And all those bastards who had hurt my sweet innocence,

they’d rot in hell,

I took my car

and the morning was powdering the road,

as if I was in heaven, as if I was in heaven, as if I was in heaven at last